Airborne Express Tracking

Modern Express Carrier’s online tracker tool is an advanced system designed to offer customers and businesses real-time updates on the status of their shipments. This tool is essential for tracking air freight, cargo, airline freight, courier services, and more, using unique tracking numbers assigned to each shipment. With the integration of Pick Tracking technology, Modern Express Carrier acts as the official shipment company tracking status provider, ensuring customers can easily monitor their shipments’ progress from departure to arrival.

Airborne Express Tracker (Order/Status)

Picktracking also offers a shipping calculator for shipping and courier companies and customers to get costs from the sending area to the delivery area.

About Airborne Express Tracking

Modern Express Carrier embodies the legacy of Airborne Express by offering fast, reliable, and efficient shipping solutions. Specializing in both domestic and international deliveries, Modern Express Carrier utilizes a vast network of logistics and transportation resources to ensure timely deliveries. The company’s official website is a comprehensive platform providing customers with access to tracking tools, shipping rates, service options, and customer support.

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, Modern Express Carrier leverages the latest in technology and logistics management to streamline the shipping process, making it more transparent, reliable, and accessible for customers worldwide.

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  • Phone: NZ 0800247267 / AU 1800247267
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  • Address: Unit 1, 120 Fison Avenue West, Eagle Farm Qld 4009. 
Airborne Express Tracking

How To Track Airborne Express?

Tracking a shipment with Modern Express Carrier is a straightforward process that keeps you informed every step of the way. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Obtain Your Tracking Number: When your shipment is booked, you’ll receive a unique tracking number. Keep this number handy as it’s essential for tracking your shipment.
  2. Visit the Tracking Page: Go to the Modern Express Carrier official website and navigate to the tracking section. This is usually prominently displayed for easy access.
  3. Enter Your Tracking Number: In the tracking tool, input your tracking number in the provided field. Make sure to enter it accurately to retrieve the correct shipment information.
  4. Submit and View Status: Click on the “Track” button to submit your tracking number. The tool will then display detailed information about your shipment, including its current status, location, and estimated delivery time.
  5. Contact Customer Support for Assistance: If you encounter any issues or have questions about your shipment, Modern Express Carrier’s customer support team is available to provide help and guidance.


How do I find my tracking number?

Your tracking number is provided when your shipment is processed. Check your email or shipment receipt for this information.

What can I do if my shipment is delayed?

Use the tracking tool to check for updates on your shipment’s status. For further assistance, contact Modern Express Carrier’s customer support.

Is it possible to track multiple shipments at once?

Yes, the tracking tool may allow for the input of multiple tracking numbers, depending on the specific features offered by Modern Express Carrier.

Why isn’t my tracking information updating?

Tracking updates may experience slight delays. If you notice an extended period without updates, please reach out to customer support for clarification.

How accurate are the estimated delivery dates?

Estimated delivery dates are provided based on standard transit times and are generally accurate. However, unforeseen factors such as weather conditions or customs delays can affect delivery times.

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