Ariana Afghan Airlines Cargo Tracking

Ariana Afghan Airlines offers an efficient online cargo tracking tool, providing customers with the ability to monitor the status of their air freight, cargo, airlines freight, and courier deliveries in real time. This tool is specially designed to ensure transparency and ease of tracking for all shipments handled by Ariana Afghan Airlines. By utilizing unique tracking numbers assigned to each shipment, customers can access detailed information about their cargo’s location, transit status, and estimated delivery times. This service highlights Ariana Afghan Airlines’ commitment to customer service and logistics excellence, making it easier for clients to stay informed about their shipments’ progress from departure to delivery.

Ariana Afghan Airlines Cargo Tracker (Order/Status)

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About Ariana Afghan Airlines Cargo Tracking

Ariana Afghan Airlines, as the national carrier of Afghanistan, has a long history of connecting Afghanistan with the world through its passenger and cargo services. The airline specializes in providing reliable and secure air freight services, catering to a wide range of cargo needs, including general cargo, perishables, valuable goods, and more. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Ariana Afghan Airlines employs the latest in aviation and logistics technology to ensure the timely and safe delivery of shipments. The airline’s dedication to service excellence is reflected in its comprehensive online cargo tracking system, which offers customers around-the-clock access to real-time shipment information, underscoring Ariana Afghan Airlines’ role as a key player in international logistics and air freight services.

  • Official Website:
  • Phone: +93 7900 71 333
  • Email: sales@flyariana.comĀ 
  • Address: Shar-e-Naw Shaheed Square Kabul, Afghanistan
Ariana Afghan Airlines Cargo Tracking

How To Track Ariana Afghan Airlines Cargo?

Tracking a shipment with Ariana Afghan Airlines Cargo is a straightforward process:

  1. Obtain Your Tracking Number: When your cargo is shipped with Ariana Afghan Airlines, you will receive a tracking number. This number is essential for following the progress of your shipment.
  2. Visit the Official Website: Go to Ariana Afghan Airlines’ official website. Look for the cargo or tracking section, which is usually easily accessible from the homepage.
  3. Enter Your Tracking Number: In the tracking section, input your tracking number in the provided field. Be sure to enter the number correctly to avoid any tracking issues.
  4. Submit and View Your Shipment Status: Click on the ‘Track’ button to submit your query. You will then be presented with the current status of your shipment, including its location, any transit updates, and the expected delivery timeline.

This user-friendly tracking system ensures that customers can effortlessly monitor their shipments, providing peace of mind and transparency throughout the shipping process.


Q1: What if I didn’t receive a tracking number for my shipment?

If you haven’t received a tracking number, please contact Ariana Afghan Airlines’ cargo department with your shipment details. They will assist you in obtaining your tracking information.

Q2: How quickly is tracking information updated?

Tracking information is updated in real-time as your shipment progresses through its journey. However, there may be slight delays depending on operational factors and transit points.

Q3: Can I track the shipment without a tracking number?

Tracking a shipment without a tracking number is challenging. It’s essential to contact Ariana Afghan Airlines’ customer service for assistance, providing as much detail about your shipment as possible.

Q4: What does it mean if my shipment is “In Transit”?

If your shipment status is “In Transit,” it indicates that your cargo is currently en route to its destination. This status will update as the shipment reaches new milestones.

Q5: My shipment is delayed. What should I do?

If your shipment is experiencing delays, check the tracking information for any updates or reasons provided. For further assistance, contact Ariana Afghan Airlines’ customer service to inquire about the delay and possible resolutions.

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