Avior Airlines Cargo Tracking

Avior Airlines Cargo Tracking offers a sophisticated and user-friendly online platform for tracking the status of cargo shipments. This tool is specifically designed for customers and businesses to monitor their cargo’s journey efficiently, from pick-up to delivery, across the airline’s extensive network. By entering a unique tracking number provided at the time of shipment, users can access real-time updates regarding the location, status, and estimated delivery time of their cargo.

Avior Airlines Cargo Tracker (Order/Status)

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About Avior Airlines Cargo Tracking

Avior Airlines is a reputable airline based in Venezuela, known for its comprehensive passenger and cargo services across regional and international destinations. With a focus on reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Avior Airlines has established itself as a key player in the aviation industry, especially in Latin America.

The cargo division of Avior Airlines provides specialized services for the transport of goods, leveraging the airline’s fleet and logistics network to ensure timely and secure delivery of cargo. Avior Airlines’ official website offers detailed information about their cargo services, including the online cargo tracking tool, shipping guidelines, and contact information for customer support.

  • Official Website: https://aviorair.com/en
  • Phone: 0501 AVIOR 00 (Venezuela) / 0501 28467 00 AVIOR (Movistar, Digital)
  • Email: atencionalcliente@avior.com.ve
  • Address: jos- Antonio Anzo-tegui” International Airport. Barcelona
Avior Airlines Cargo Tracking

How To Track Avior Airlines Cargo?

Tracking your cargo with Avior Airlines is a straightforward process:

  1. Obtain Your Tracking Number: When your cargo is booked with Avior Airlines, you will receive a tracking number. This number is essential for accessing the tracking system.
  2. Visit Avior Airlines Cargo Tracking Page: Go to the official Avior Airlines website and navigate to the cargo or tracking section.
  3. Enter Your Tracking Number: Input the provided tracking number in the designated field on the tracking page.
  4. Review the Shipment Status: Upon submitting your tracking number, the system will display detailed information about your shipment, including its current status, location, and the estimated delivery timeline.
  5. Regular Updates: For ongoing shipments, it’s advisable to check the tracking system periodically for the latest updates until your cargo reaches its destination.

This tool is designed to offer peace of mind and transparency, allowing customers to easily manage and monitor their cargo shipments with Avior Airlines.


Q1: What can I do if my tracking number is not working?

  • Ensure you have entered the correct tracking number. If the issue persists, contact Avior Airlines Cargo customer service for assistance.

Q2: How long does it take for tracking information to become available?

  • Tracking information is usually available shortly after the cargo has been processed and loaded onto the aircraft. If you do not see updates immediately, please allow some time for the system to refresh.

Q3: Can I track my cargo if I don’t have a tracking number?

  • It’s challenging to track a shipment without a tracking number. However, contacting Avior Airlines Cargo customer support with your shipment details (such as shipper and consignee information) may help in retrieving your tracking number.

Q4: What does it mean when my shipment is “In Transit”?

  • “In Transit” indicates that your cargo is on its way to the destination. This status will remain until the cargo arrives at the final destination or a transfer point.

Q5: My cargo shipment is delayed. What should I do?

  • Cargo shipments can be delayed due to various reasons, including weather conditions, customs clearance processes, or operational challenges. If your shipment is delayed, stay updated with the latest tracking information and contact Avior Airlines Cargo for more details and assistance.

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