Panalpina World Transport Container Tracking

Panalpina World Transport has been integrated into DSV, a global supplier of transport and logistics services. Following this merger, the services previously offered under the Panalpina brand, including container tracking, are now part of DSV’s extensive logistics and transportation offerings. This integration has expanded DSV’s capabilities and global reach, making it one of the world’s leading logistics providers. For this task, I will refer to the tracking services as they might exist under the combined entity of DSV Panalpina.

Panalpina World Transport Container Tracker (Order/Status)

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About Panalpina World Transport Container Tracking

Panalpina World Transport was a Swiss company known for its global freight forwarding and logistics services. It offers a wide range of transportation solutions, including air freight, sea freight, and contract logistics. In 2019, Panalpina was acquired by DSV, creating one of the world’s largest transport and logistics companies, DSV Panalpina. This merger has combined the strengths and global networks of both companies, enhancing their ability to offer efficient and reliable logistics solutions worldwide.

DSV Panalpina operates with a commitment to providing flexible and customer-focused services, leveraging advanced technology to ensure transparency and efficiency in shipment tracking and logistics management.

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Panalpina World Transport Container Tracking

How To Track Panalpina World Transport Container?

  1. Obtain Your Tracking Number: When your shipment is booked, you’ll receive a tracking number or a container number. This number is crucial for tracking your shipment’s progress.
  2. Visit the Official DSV Tracking Page: Go to the DSV official website and navigate to the tracking section. DSV provides several tracking options, including air and sea freight shipments.
  3. Enter Your Tracking or Container Number: Input your tracking number or container number in the provided field. DSV’s tracking system may allow for multiple entries, enabling you to track several shipments simultaneously.
  4. View Your Shipment Status: After submitting your tracking number, the system will display detailed information about your shipment, such as its current location, transit history, and estimated delivery date.
  5. Contact DSV for Assistance: If you encounter any issues with tracking your shipment or if you require further information, DSV’s customer service team is available to assist. They can provide comprehensive support and updates on your shipment’s status.


Q: How can I find my tracking or container number?

Your tracking or container number is provided when your shipment is booked. If you’re unsure of your number, contact the company or your freight forwarder directly.

Q: What should I do if my shipment is delayed?

Shipment delays can occur due to various reasons. Use the tracking system to check for updates, and for more detailed information, contact DSV’s customer service.

Q: Can I track a shipment without a tracking number?

Tracking without a direct tracking number may be challenging. However, if you have other shipment details (such as the bill of lading number), DSV’s customer service may be able to assist in locating your shipment.

Q: How accurate is the estimated delivery date provided by the tracking system?

The estimated delivery date is based on current transit times and conditions. While generally accurate, it can be affected by external factors such as customs delays or transportation disruptions.

Q: Who should I contact for questions about my shipment?

For any inquiries or concerns about your shipment, DSV Panalpina’s customer service team is your primary point of contact. They can provide detailed assistance and information regarding your shipment.

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